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In his response to the Muslims who refuted him,
(see rebuttal #1, #2 & #3) Wesley wrote an 22 page PDF article which ended with the following sentence:
"This is only Part I of my response to Cheema and Keresztes
In sha Allah, Part II will be soon up.
Since the release of his article on Dec. 3 2011, Wesley Muhammad never put any "Part II" after 1 year later (March 2013.)

On Feb. 26, 2013, Paul Guthrie released his video:
"Get On Board The Wheel (Part One)"

On March 2 2013, Wesley Muhammad invited Paul Guthrie,
by leaving the following comment on the video:
I, Wesley Muhammad, cordially invites my Brother Paul Gutherie to a public forum/discussion on the subject of
"Supreme Wisdom and Indic Sacred Science: Did W.D. Fard Come From India?"

The next day (March 3 2013), Wesley Muhammad uploaded the video:
"Dr. Wesley Muhammad on Paul G, Master Fard Muhammad and India"

But when Paul Guthrie accepted Wesley's invitation,
Wesley Muhammad made his video private and he has not replied.
Here is Paul Guthrie's video accepting the invitation :
Paul Guthrie to Wesley Muhammad
(March 11 2013)
Paul Guthrie wrote in the description:
"Brother Wesley has now "Privatized" his initial statements. Thus silencing our response.
We now re-upload our response and attach it as a response to our own video."

* Update * as of November 17, 2015, Paul Guthrie as documented how Dr. Wesley Muhammad challenged him a second time. Paul Guthrie accepted for the second time but Wesley Muhammad, being the "Dr. Back Down" that he is, did not step up to the plate


Wesley Muhammad backed down from Shaka-Ndugu-KMT, after challenging him, on Nov. 30 2011 (he later deleted this article)

2) Wesley Muhammad backed down from Waqar Akbar Cheema and Gabriel Keresztes Abdul Rahman Al-Romaani since Dec. 3 2011

3) Wesley Muhammad backed down from Paul Guthrie (March 2013)

Wesley Muhammad is therefore, with these 3 examples,
living up to his nickname "Dr. Back Down"

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